Lucifer remake continues haunting Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi currently seems to be under a remake spree, given that his films after Acharya are only remakes. First, the actor will be working on the remake of the Malayalam film Lucifer, and then, he’s expected to start the remake of the Tamil film Vedhalam.

While the actor is very intent on remaking Lucifer, he’s facing continuous problems with the script of the film. Chiranjeevi initially wanted to remake Lucifer with director VV Vinayak, but he wasn’t satisfied with the changes that Vinayak made to the script, after which Chiranjeevi brought Tamil director Mohan Raja on board. Mohan Raja worked on the script with a prominent writer, but Chiranjeevi wasn’t satisfied with the output, post which the actor recommended a writer himself.

Mohan Raja is now said to be reworking the script once again. What’s unfathomable here is why the script is going through so many changes, and why they are unable to satisfy Chiranjeevi with the outputs. Apart from adding a few fight sequences and a couple of songs for commercialisation, there wouldn’t be many changes to be done for the Telugu version, which is why everyone is wondering what the reason behind Chiranjeevi’s dissatisfaction could be.

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