Lack of enthusiasm at theatres scaring filmmakers

The theatre business was a flourishing one in the Telugu states until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Theatres were the first to shut down after the virus first broke out last year, in the month of March. Ever since then, the theatre business has been one of the most affected businesses in the country. Things seemed to have gotten a lot better after theatres were reopened in December 2020, in the Telugu states, as films were released continuously from Sankranthi to a good reception.

Audiences were highly interested in going to theatres and did so, with theatres filling up, and filmmakers and theatre owners hopeful of things going back to normal. However, the second wave of coronavirus once again disrupted everything, with theatres having to be shut down once again. Theatres were shut down in March, and have been reopened just a couple of days ago.

While they have been reopened, there seems to be no enthusiasm this time, not even half as much as there was, last year. The reason for this is being termed as many factors, including the lack of a proper release, and the fear of the third wave. Until and unless the right film, which has good expectations on it, is released, there would be no idea of what the ground reality is. And for the right kind of film to be released, filmmakers are getting scared looking at the current reception. It is now to be seen what decisions will be taken, and what films will be released.

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