Krack actress Varalaxmi on casting couch: Learn to say no

Tamil actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar made her debut in Telugu with Sundeep Kishan and Hansika Motwani’s Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL. She has now landed an important role in Ravi Teja and Shruti Haasan’s Krack. In a recent interview to a Tamil channel, she made some sensational statements about casting couch. I have faced a similar situation but I brought it out in the open. I have faced all these issues and I learned to say no. Despite being a star kid, it happens to me. I have proof of recorded phone conversations where people have said that I would not compromise and that I am not cut out for this. I have listened to such conversations. That’s when I decided that I don’t need such films. I learned to say no. It took me time to do that and it was difficult. Many people banned me because I said no to the casting couch.”

She also revealed that people shouldn’t agree to casting couch and then cry when the opportunity doesn’t come their way. “t’s a waste of time when people do that. If you’re being approached to compromise, say no and walk out. That is my point. Women should decide whether they want to get involved in casting couch to go up the ladder. I am not judging anyone here. Because that decision needs a lot of courage too. Mentally, a person needs to be very strong to take that route. You can also pick another route, where you can reject such offers, struggle like me and then become an actress,” she said.
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