Kapatadhaari Movie Review

Sumanth is struggling for success in his career. After watching the Kannada film Kavuladhaari Sumanth has shown interest in the remake. Titled Kapatadhaari, the film got released today. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy has directed the film. Let us have a look at the review and find out whether Sumanth can bounce back with this movie.

Plot: Gowtam (Sumanth) works as a traffic police officer but his mind is with the crime department. He wants to solve cases in the crime department. He gets across an interesting case where the skeletal remains of three persons were found at a flyover that is still under construction. He starts digging deep into the case and finds out that it dates back to four decades. He faces new challenges in this regard.

Will Gowtham be successful in chasing out the case?

Performances: Sumanth has done a neat job in the lead role. He is loyal to the character. Nanditha Swetha’s character is more of a cameo one. Nasser and JP have shined in their respective roles. Satish Kumar deserves special mention. Vennela Kishore did a fine job. The rest did an adequate job.

Technicalities: The first mention should go to the music composer Simon K King. His background music will stand out as the major asset for the movie. The editing should have been crisper as the proceedings start on a very dull note. The cinematography is fine as well. The production values are good.

Pradeep Krishnamoorthy should have done a better job. However, he didn’t disappoint. His work towards the climax is very good.

Analysis: Kapatadhaari is a murder mystery that creates tension throughout the film. The real culprit will be revealed in the climax portions. However, the film is inconsistent in parts. There are a couple of plus points for the movie. Background music. The final portions are good. The first half will give you dragged feeling.

Kapatadhaari is a film that is strictly for the audience who love murder mysteries.

Rating: 2.5/5

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