Kangana to post a video revealing dirty secrets of Bollywood

Bollywood talented actress Kangana Ranaut has been fighting against the alleged Bollywood gang for some time now. She is one of the first actresses to voice out against this so-called gang from the day Sushanth Singh Rajput committed suicide. Kangana is strongly believing that this Bollywood gang has been behind Sushanth going into depression. Kangana publicly alleged that stars, filmmakers who promote nepotism has humiliated Sushanth Singh many times.

While this is going on hate tweets against Kangana are trending in social media. There are few other actresses who are opposing Kangana strongly. Reacting to the hate tweets Kangana team posted a strong warning saying that if this trend doesn’t stop then Kangana will be revealing all the dirty secrets of this Bollywood gang.

The team posted the message: “Movie mafia Changu Mangus have started smear campaigns and negative PR,trends against Kangana, if they don’t stop Kangana will make a detailed video about their drugs addiction, girlfriends swapping… . puke inducing histrionics and how they snatch projects from the worthy ones by complaining to their papas, Gang changu mangu should leave Kangana alone nahin toh jo bacha hai woh bhi nahin rahega,”

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