Ishq Not A Love Story Movie Review and Rating.!

Along with Satyadev’s Thimmarusu, Zombie Reddy fame Teja Sajja and Priya Varrier’s Ishq has also hit the screens today. Let’s analyze it.

Story: Siddhu( Teja Sajja) takes his girlfriend Anu( Priya Varrier) on a long drive on her birthday. While they stop at a place, the couple will be targeted by two men, who project themselves as cops. What kind of circumstances will the young couple face during this time? How will they get rid of the men? Later, after knowing the truth, how will Siddhu take revenge on them? Will the incident have any effect on their relationship? Forms the rest of the plotline.

Performances: After impressing with his acting in earlier this year released, Zombie Reddy, Teja Sajja gave a settled performance in Ishq. His facial expressions and body modulation during the panic scenes have been presented nicely on the screen.

Compared to her previous films, heroine Priya Varrier is beautiful in the movie and did a decent job with her performance. Her chemistry with Teja is okay but has not been showcased in a proper manner.

Actor Ravindra Vijay, who did the negative shaded character in the movie is impressive with his dialogue delivery and brings life to the character. Another actor, who did a negative character alongside Ravindra Vijay is okay in his role.

Technicalities: Music by Mahati Swara Sagar is decent as two songs in the movie are nice. His background is alright but would have been much better.

Cinematography by Sam K Naidu is fine as the night mood shots are captured neatly. Editing by Vara is not up to the mark as a few unwanted lag scenes between the lead pair can be chopped off.

Production values for his limited budget movie by Super Good Films banner are adequate. Locations wise, as the film was shot in and around Vizag, there is nothing, in particular, to discuss regarding the production design.

Analysis: As every known, Ishq is an official remake of a Malayalam movie with the same title. Story-wise, the film has no major changes in Telugu but the makers have focused on coming up with a fresh screenplay to suit Telugu sensibilities.

The concept of moral policing is good but it has not been executed in a gripping manner. SS Raju, who directed the Telugu version of the film has even adopted the original screenplay format without any chances. If he could have done changes to the narration, the result would have been much better.

The moral policing concept and the proceedings related to it are not been established in a proper manner and lack a strong presentation. In one word, Ishq is a romantic thriller that fails to impress in any aspect. Adding to the above-mentioned points, slow-paced episodes in both halves of the film comes as a demerit for the film.

Verdict: Fails To Impress!!!

Rating: 2/5

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