Interesting updates on Virata Parvam

Rana Daddubati’s upcoming film, Virata Parvam, co-starring Sai Pallavi and Priyamani. The film has a Naxal backdrop, with Rana playing a Naxalite in the film. It was recently said that the film would be released directly on an OTT platform and that it wouldn’t get a theatrical release.

It is now being said that the rights of Virata Parvam have been sold to Netflix and that an official announcement would be made soon. On the other hand, the latest reports suggest that a young director has been brought in to shoot few scenes for the film, during the absence of Virata Parvam’s director, Venu Udugula.

Virata Parvam marks the debut of Venu Udugula. SLV Cinemas and Suresh productions, who said that they are not interested in revealing the name of the director who helped them out in shooting new scenes, as they do not want to discredit Venu in any way. On the other hand, when it was announced that Suresh Productions decided to release Virata Parvam, along with several other films including Venkatesh’s Naarappa and Drushyam 2 directly on OTT, there was a lot of backlash from audiences, who were not thrilled with the answer.

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