If a Telugu Film releases on OTT it cannot …!

OTT Platforms have become the norm of the film Industry now. They are determining the rates, they are determining the content quality. Even though they are not doing it directly, the kind of rates they are offering to the producers and the conditions they are putting forth are forcing many to look at the kind of content that will easily sell on the OTTs.

Now, the theatres are ready to reopen. At least they have the permission to reopen from 15th October. PVR, INOX, CARNIVAL have said that they will open theatres from 16th October across the nation. They have determined that they won’t screen OTT releases and are ready to screen old movies and only new direct theatre releases.

According to their conditions, if a Telugu film releases directly on OTT, then it can’t release in their theatres right now. This is the explicit rule by the multiplex theatres in india. Single Screens might also follow the same or inTelugu States, things might be different. Let’s wait for few more days to find out.

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