Hidimba Movie Review & Rating

  • July 20, 2023 / 11:20 AM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Ashwin Babu (Hero)
  • Nandita Swetha (Heroine)
  • Srinivasa Reddy, Sahithi Avancha, Sanjay Swaroop, Shijju, Vidyulekha Raman (Cast)
  • Aneel Kanneganti (Director)
  • Sreedhar Gangapatnam (Producer)
  • Vikas Badisa (Music)
  • B.Rajasekhar (Cinematography)

Ashwin Babu has turned the main lead after a long time with a film named Hidimbha. The film is a suspense thriller that has hit the screens today. The film has Nandita Swetha as the female lead and has been released on the big screens. Read our review here.

Story: The city of Hyderabad is in a state of shock as multiple girls go missing and the pressure is building up on the cops. Left with no choice, a special IPS officer named Adhya(Nandita Swetha) is brought into action. A junior officer Abhay(Ashwin Babu) is assigned to help her out. The duo starts tracking the case and finds out that a generous tribe named Hidimbha is behind these murders. Well, what does an ancient tribe have to do with serial killings? watch the film to know the answer.

Performances: The film has some decent performances. First in line is Nandita Swetha who gets a very strong role. She does well only in a few scenes but does not create an impact as a cop. A more popular and experienced actor would have made a lot of difference to the film. But there are a few scenes where Nandita did well. Especially the climax, she was good. Mark and Deshpande play a Hidimbha clan descendant and he is very good in the film. He creates a scary atmosphere in the film with his appearance. Last but not least, Ashwin Babu plays the main lead and he is good. He has built up his body and looks good in all the action sequences. But he overacts a lot in the last part of the film where he goes negative. A more mature and subtle performance in his tense role would have made matters a lot better.

Technicalities: After the interval, the makers revealed the true essence of the narrative. Unfortunately, the continuous execution of the film did not achieve the expected success. The movie excelled in major aspects like cinematography and music. Each frame and visual effects were remarkable. The incorporation of solid music and sound design elevated its impact. Watching the film, one can grasp the significance of not compromising on production quality. The editing is perfect and the dubbing is also great. But the screenplay could have been a lot better in the last part of the film.

Analysis: Hidimbha is a film that is great on paper. The manner in which an ancient tribe is introduced in the story is very good. The human angle and the manner in which the tribe is connected to the story have been showcased in a very good manner. Also, the second half of the film is the place where things take shape. The first half an hour of the film is boring. Especially the investigation scenes and love track bore the audience in a big way.

But the manner in which the crime is showcased is very good. Also, the flashback episode and the exact story of Hidimbha and how a person who is still alive in the tribe is killing these men are showcased is brought in a solid manner. The film has decent action and good visuals. But the key last fifteen minutes when the film is at a key point and the hero changes gears, one would expect a better narration but it does not happen.

But for the most part, the film creates an intriguing factor for the audience to enjoy it. A more intense climax and the manner in which the twist gets revealed should have been elevated to make things better. Hidimbha has that kind of storyline for the audience to enjoy it. The film starts on a slow note but picks up well. But the narration should have been clear and gripping. So many logics go for a toss and one cannot ignore them.

Verdict: Overall, Hidimbha is a suspense thriller that is great on paper and also has some good thrills. But for the most part, the narration is jaded and the key climax is rushed. If you like different films, give it a shot but keep your expectations in check.

Good Story but over-the-top narration

Rating: 2.75/5

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