Raj Tarun- I love to see Stand Up Rahul releasing in the theatres

The teaser for young hero Raj Tharun’s Stand Up Rahul was unveiled a couple of days ago and has been receiving a positive response from all quarters. On this occasion, we had an exclusive telephonic interview with him. Here are the transcripts.

Q) In the film, you are doing a Stand-Up comic role, Tell us about it?

A) I’m a huge fan of Stand Up Comedy shows for the past eight years. I even used to go to Mumbai to watch the shows. Luckily, I got a chance to portray the same role in this movie. Once after the film was locked, I used to sit with a few noted Stand Up comedians from Hyderabad and work on the betterment of my comedy timing and how to behave on the stage. It really helped me a lot to perform with so much confidence and enthusiasm.

Q) Will the film have sub-plots like Love, Family emotions in it?

A) Basically, Stand Up Rahul is a rom-com entertainer coated with a beautiful love story. The film also has an emotional angle between the mother and son. I’m super happy with the output and expecting a positive response from the audience.

Q) About director Santo Mohan?

A) Santo is one of the finest directors I have ever met. His clarity on the story and the character establishment is fantastic. I would love to work with him again and again.

Q) Working experience with senior actress Indraja?

A) Indraja garu is playing my mother in the film and she is the sweetest and humble actress I have ever seen. Working with Indraja is a memorable moment for me.

Q) About heroine Varsha Bollamma?

A) She is an amazing actress and a grounded person. She used to inspire me on the sets every day with her dedication and scene preparation. It was a wonderful experience working with Varsha.

Q) When can we expect the film in the theatres?

A) Yeah, as of now, post-production activities are underway at a brisk pace. Definitely, we would love to see our film releasing in the theatres but have to wait and see how things turn out in the coming days as many are already worried about the Covid third wave outbreak.

Q) About your stylish makeover with a new hairdo?

A) It was completely my director Santo Mohan’s idea to present in a stylish avatar. Right from hairdo to costumes, we used to discuss a lot on the sets before finalizing things. Even my spiky hairstyle has a connection with the storyline.

Q) What are the main reasons for the failure of your previous film Power Play?

A) Power Play is not a regular family or comedy entertainer like my previous films. It was a thriller and runs on a serious tone. Moreover, the film was released at the wrong time and instead of a theatrical release, we would have opted for an OTT release of the film for a better result.

Q) You are facing failures for the past few years, is it because of your wrong script selection?

A) There will be many reasons for a film’s failure is what I personally believe. Yeah, there are a few wrong choices also but trying to learn from the failures and rectify my mistakes.

Q) Future Projects?

A) Apart from Stand Up Rahul, I’m doing a film under Annapurna Studios banner and soon will be kick-starting the shooting for the Telugu remake of the Bollywood hit, Dream Girl. A few other projects are in the discussion stage which will be announced soon.

– Interview by Prudhvi Chava