Get ready for the flurry of releases in February

Tollywood is in recovery mode. It was struck very badly with the pandemic and thousands of crores were lost. Now, slowly but surely Telugu Cinema is inching towards recovery. January has given hope that the audiences are willing to watch the movies in theaters. So February is going to witness many movie releases, might be close to two dozens. At least a dozen films have buzz among the audiences.

On February 5th, Prashant Varma’s Zombie Reddy is releasing. Along with that, there are at least five movies that are hitting the screens. While all of them don’t have any buzz. On February 12th, Uppena, FCUK, Sashi are going to be released.

February 19th will see releases like Nithiin’s Check, Pogaru releasing in the theaters, and by the month-end weekend, we can witness the releases of Akshara, Kapatadhaari, and A1 Express. More movies will add to this already packed list.

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