Suriya ET Movie Review and Rating

Tamil star Suriya’s new film, ET had a simultaneous release in Telugu with the same title. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Set in a rural backdrop, ET prominently revolves around a lawyer Krishn Mohan ( Suriya) and a rich businessman Kamesh (Vinay Rai) who has strong political influence. What is the conflict between Krishna Mohan and Vinay Rai, forms the main crux of the film.

Performances: Suriya is fit in his role as a socially responsible lawyer. In one word, Suriya carried the entire film on his shoulders with his outstanding performance.

After Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor, Vinay Rai impresses yet again in the negative role in this film. His phone confrontation episodes with Suriya in the second half are executed in a decent manner

Heroine Priyanka Mohan gets a crucial role but her screen time is limited to a few scenes in the second half. Other artists such as Satyaraj, Saranya among others gave a convincing performance

Technicalities: Music by D Immam is decent as all the songs are passable on screen. His background score breathes life to a few key scenes in the second half.

The cinematography by Rathanavel is okay but has nothing in special to mention here. Editing by Ruben is fine.

Production values for this star-studded movie are good.

Analysis: Director Pandiaraj is back with his regular formate family story. The idea of interconnecting family drama with a social message related to the women sufferings is good but the narration lacks a gripping presentation.

While Suriya carried the entire film on his shoulders with his aura, the unengaging scene order in the first half divert the audience mood. To summerize, ET is a family drama coated with social message that has a few mass moments in the second half but suffers from demerits such as flat proceedings and predictable narration.

Verdict: Only for masses!

Rating: 2/5

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