Crrush Movie Review and Rating!

Noted Telugu director Ravi Babu’s new film, Crrush had its direct OTT release on reputed streaming platform Zee5 today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Before leaving for the US for their higher studies, three youngsters named Ravi, Vamsi and Teju ( roles played by Abhay Simha, Charan Sai and Krishna Burugula) decide to gain sex education so that they won’t be fooled by the American teenagers after going there. In the process, the three friends go through many trials and often land in trouble. Will the three youngsters get experience in sex before they head off to Under-graduation studies? Forms the main USB of the film.

Performances: Three young actors Abhay Simha, Charan Sai and Krishna Burugula are believable in their roles as teenagers but they have to work even harder and deliver a good performance in the upcoming films.

Arjun Reddy fame Ankita Manoj, who did a glamorous aunty role and the girl, who did the lead role opposite Vamsi fail to add any extra mileage to the plotline.

Other artists, who did the supporting roles in the movie will be seen in a typical Ravi Babu designed
peculiar roles but sadly fails to create any impact.

Technicalities: Firstly, coming to the music department, the film has three songs but none of them helps the proceedings in any manner. The same is the case with the unengaging background score.

Editing work is lousy. Cinematography is decent at parts but could have been even better considering the film’s genre. Production values for this low budget film are dull.

Analysis: Ravi Babu has a good name in the Telugu film industry as a good technician as he keeps on trying something new with every film. But sometimes he collapses miserably in handling things in a proper manner and the same happened with Crrush also.

Though Ravi Babu’s idea of making a youthful entertainer with sex education as the core theme is good, his presentation goes for a toss. The screenplay version lacks a gripping format and irritates the viewers with some non-sync episodes.

A few adult scenes in the narrative part may get decent applause from the targetted audience but as the film passes on those scenes will also turn awful with low-grade presentation.

In one word, Crrush is a youthful entertainer that fails to even attract the attention of youngsters.

Verdict: Ravi Babu crushes it, literally!!!

Rating: 1.5/5

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