Charmmee: Liger’s failure is depressing

Charmmee Kaur quit acting and decided to become a full time producer a few years ago, constantly teaming up with director Puri Jagannath for her films. The actress has even said several times that she doesn’t intend to produce films with anyone else, and that she has no interest in going back to acting.

The actress turned producer had a lot of expectations and hopes on Liger, which was released on August 25th, in all major Indian languages. There was a good buzz around the film, and the film’s lead actor, Vijay Deverakonda, was showered with massive love everywhere he went for promotions in the country. Despite all of that, the film turned out to be a huge disaster.

Talking about the film’s result in a recent interview, Charmmee said that it’s depressing to see that the movie is not performing well, despite all the love they put into making the film. She said that they waited three years to release the film, and chose the release time accordingly so that the film could reach as wide as it could, and even rejected OTT proposals because it was meant to be experienced in the theatres. With so much hard work being put into the film, and the film ultimately turning out to be a disaster, Charmmee said that it’s unsettling.

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