Breathe: Into The Shadows Web Series Review

Abhishek Bachchan also entered the OTT space with Breathe: Into the Shadows. We have been watching many famous actors try their hand at the digital space with different kinds of content with varied success rate. When you see a name like Abhishek Bachchan attached to a web-series, you expect something special from it. Does this Amazon Prime Video special live upto those expectations? Let’s discuss …


Avinash Sabarwal (Abhishek Bachchan) and Abha Sabarwal (Nithya Menen) are a couple based in Delhi. They have a very simple life style in a rich community. One day, their life takes a big turn to the dark side as a kidnapper abducts their child and asks them to kill a few people on their list. Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) takes up the case and his investigation leads to many revelations. Who is the kidnapper? Why are Sabarwals targeted? Watch the series to know more …


Abhishek Bachchan is not consistent through out the series as the character has to go through some changes and take decisions just for the effect. He is much better actor than this and deserves a better script and a consistent character.

Nitya Menen is very good in her limited character but we don’t feel any connection with her even though she tries hard. Amit Sadh is irritating in few scenes. All others don’t leave any impression on us.


Sumeet Kotian edited few episodes well but he did not come up with a consistent output in the series. Bharatwaaj’s Cinematography is good in first few episodes and again in last few episodes.

Writers Mayank Sharma, Vikram Tuli, Bhavani Iyer and Arshad Syed doesn’t seem to have a co-ordination as few scenes work but the whole series doesn’t live up to the starting first episode’s intensity. Director Mayank Sharma might have vetoed many ideas to pick the best out of them, one feels so. Him being one of the writers, might have lended to the overall arc being changed several times. The series feels so lethargically written and cut pieces have been assembled to make it a whole set, but they don’t come together.


Series has moments that enable us to continue watching in the initial episodes but as we go into the later stage, we just feel like the plot lost it and spread all over without consistency. Performers tried their best but the first series, Breathe with Madhavan worked much better as the writing kept the plot grounded, all the while. Here, the plot just doesn’t hold it up well. If you just want to kill the time, you may try it out but still it feels like we need to be more patient than we can offer it.

Bottom line: Very boring and lethargically executed

Rating: 2/5