Boyapati’s huge state of confusion

Director Boyapati Srinu gives the audiences out and out mass, commercial entertainers, and shows heroes in never before seen avatars, that audiences will remember for a long time. There were a lot of expectations on Boyapati’s last release Vinaya Vidheya Rama, with Ram Charan in the lead role. The film was an immediate follow up to Rangasthalam, which was a blockbuster, and naturally, audiences were eager to see what Ram Charan has in store. However, upon the film’s release, VVR turned out to be a major dud and left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth.

Boyapati is currently working with Nandamuri Balakrishna on Akhanda, and the teaser of the film created records on YouTube. There are good expectations on the film, as Boyapati and Balakrishna have delivered two blockbusters in the past, in the form of Simha and Legend. This is a fan favourite combination, and everyone is looking forward to the release of the film.

While Boyapati has delivered successes with other heroes as well, he is known for his combinations with Balayya. While it is a hit and a miss case with other heroes, Boyapati always hits the Bull’s eye with Balayya. This oftentimes confuses audiences, as they wonder what goes wrong for Boyapati with other heroes when it always goes right with Balayya.

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