Big films in big trouble as uncertainty continues

There are a number of big films that are ready for release but haven’t been releasing due to the shutting down of theatres, and the coronavirus pandemic going on affecting the public. While the third wave hasn’t yet started dangerously in Telangana, the third wave has already flexed its wings in Kerala, due to which the government has even decided to impose a complete lockdown.

On the other hand, theatres have reopened today in the Telugu states, after they were shut down due to the second wave of the pandemic. Films like Thimmarusu and Ishq have been released in the theatres today, but there’s no certainty over whether or not people will turn out in the theatres to watch big movies. Until and unless a big or medium ranged film is released in the theatres, there’s not going to be a proper clarity over the ground reality of the situation.

With such uncertainty prevalent, producers of big films are said to be highly doubtful and tensed about the release of their films. Big films have a lot at stake, given at they need full houses to even be able to break even. This cannot be achieved with 50% capacity, and an unwilling audience, who is not ready to go to the theatres. While the audiences seemed enthusiastic to go back to theatres after the first wave, that’s not the case with the second wave. Hence, it is now to be seen what will happen.

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