Best Inspirational Movies in Telugu

After all, cinema is a medium that reflects society. Not only entertainment, but cinema is also a source to get inspired too. In Tollywood, we have a lot of scopes to get inspired too. There are a lot of inspirational movies in Telugu Cinema. Now, let us have a look at some of the Best Telugu inspirational movies that were made in Tollywood. Let us have a look.

Best Telugu Inspirational Movies to Watch

1. Jersey

Jersey Movie

Jersey is the first movie that comes to our mind, these days when people ask about “pure sports” genre films. The protagonist of the film is asked to take a moment and look at his life, with one simple request by his son, for a Jersey. The protagonist was an ex-cricketer who gave up on his career as a cricketer due to health issues. But he doesn’t reveal it to his family and as he loses his government job due to a scam that he was forcefully and illegally named as a part of, he sits jobless at home.

This simple request from his kid forces him to mend his ways and at the age of 36, when most retire, he starts playing cricket again. How his life turns out to post this decision, makes for an inspiring and emotional journey. Natural Star Nani’s performance as a cricketer is the backbone of this Gautham Tinnanuri’s directorial. You might have heard about the movie several times and even watched it already. Try to watch it again, for your love of the sport.


2. Businessman

01 Businessman

Puri Jagannath is at his best in this movie. We all know that Puri Jagannath’s pen is sharp. In this movie, it seems like Puri didn’t use a pen but a gun. His dialogues are like bullets which go deep in our heart and struck there. The Businessman can be termed as one of the best works of both Puri Jagannath and Mahesh Babu. Super Star is at his intense best in this movie. There are many inspirational dialogues and life lessons that Puri Jagannath has reached in this movie. Especially the last line of the movie, “Nee target 10 miles ayite aim for the eleventh-mile” sums up what Puri Jagannath has to tell.


3. Vedam

02 Vedam

Director Krish is such a director in Tollywood who has great thoughts. His movie-making is so simple. His stories are so relatable. In the movie Vedam, Krish has tried to convey a few inspiring stories. The child character who is passionate about studying, Cable Raju character who understands that money is not everything, Manchu Manoj character who follows his passion, Anushka’s character who wants to dream big despite her limitations, there are quite a few beautiful messages in this movie. The climax will make your heart heavy for sure. Never miss this as this is one of the Best Telugu Inspirational Movies.


4. Oopiri

03 Oopiri

In the movie Oopiri, Nagarjuna’s character is just limited to a chair. He has lost all the hope in his life. But Karthi’s character gets introduced and he feels that he got wings. Oopiri tells us that come what circumstances might be, there is always a second chance and there is always hope. Vamsi Paidipally beautifully adapted the movie to Telugu audiences.


5. Srimanthudu

04 Srimanthudu

Don’t forget your roots. It is the most important thing. Srimanthudu makes us believe in humanity once again. There is a dialogue in the movie, “Saati Manishi Kashtam Manadi Kaakapothe oka nela meeda oka sanghamlo batakadam enduku sir(If we cannot feel others problems as ours, there is no meaning of living in society).” This dialogue sums up the theme of Srimanthudu. Harsha in Srimanthudu is inspiring in many ways. Watch the movie to learn it by yourself.


6. Swayamkrushi

05 Swayamkrushi

K Viswanath is one of the best directors of Indian Cinema. His films are pure gold and we can learn a lot from every movie of his especially Swayamkrushi. The way a man should his life is best shown with the way Chiranjeevi’s character is designed. Swayamkrushi shows that it is not only important to succeed in life but how to handle it. Not many can handle success. Staying grounded is one of the most important things in life and the film teaches it beautifully.


7. Challenge

06 Challenge

Though you are a highly successful person, you should not demean others, though how bad the situation they are in. We don’t know what’s in store from them. When you believe in something with utmost honesty and hard work is by your side, then success will follow you. Challenge also teaches us that money is not everything and everyone’s goal should not be earning money. Being rich is not always successful.


8. S/o Satyamurthy

07 So Satyamurthy

One of the best works of Trivikram Srinivas, though the result doesn’t convey the same. S/o Satyamurthy teaches us the importance of living with values. Though looks simple, it is very hard to live by values. Viraj Anand in S/o Satyamurthy teaches us so many life lessons. His character in the movie is an inspiration. Though times have been hard, one should not lose the belief. Viraj Anand loses everything just for values but what he reaped in so inspiring.


9. Aa Naluguru

08 Aa Naluguru

Those who didn’t watch Aa Naluguru till now can be termed as unlucky. The film is one of the best inspirational movies of all time in Telugu. The movie says us to be simple and help others. To help others we need not go the other way. Rajendra Prasad’s character in this movie is so inspiring. How many of us spend half the salary on the development of society? With kindness and humanity, one can be wealthy that need not be due to money or jewelry. Especially the climax of the movie will teach us a lot of life lessons.


10. Yevade Subrahmanyam

09 Yevade Subrahmanyam

If you have a passion for something then it will definitely take you to places. One should not forget our journey after reaching success. The movie’s story is so contemporary. Nowadays we come across many people who become successful but forget the people in our lives who helped them to climb up the ladder.


11. Gamyam

10 Gamyam

Gamyam is one of the best inspirational movies in Telugu Cinema. The song “Entha Varaku” in the movie teaches us a lot of things. “Prapancham Neelo Unnadani Cheppe Daaka Aa Nijam Telusukovaa… Teliste Ninne Nuvvu Kalusukuni Palakarinchukova”, the line itself teaches us a lot of life lessons that are so inspiring to take our lives forward.


12. Mayuri

11 Mayuri

Mayuri is one of the best inspirational tales of Telugu Cinema. The film is a biopic of accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer Sudha Chandran. The film tells us that though there are obstacles in your life which you feel that there is no way forward, how will power and self-belief motivate you to overcome obstacles who hard they might be.

13. Minugurulu

12 Minugurulu

Minugurulu which was made with 40 visually impaired children is one of the beautiful movies that was so inspiring. There is a lot to learn from this film. The optimism present throughout the movie is bound to inspire anyone who watches Minugurulu. The film teaches how to look at the positive side of all things. The film has won the National award as well.


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