10 Best Pixar Movies That You Can Watch With Your Family

Pixar earned a reputation by not making movies that are targeted to one age group. They chose animation as a tool to tell good stories and strived hard to make the weird, absurd and metaphoric narratives, ideas believable.
As they made movie after movie, they have decided to take their creativity one step ahead all the time. Here are 10 of the best films from Pixar that we can watch with the entire family.

Best Pixar Movies That You Can Watch With Your Family

  • Coco

1 Coco Movie
Pixar makes movies for all age groups. Yes, they don’t just target their animated movies for youngsters, toddlers and babies. They go all out to craft great visual stories for everyone in the family to be happy and immersed in the story. Coco is one such film.  Can you imagine a young kid crossing over to underworld or hell/heaven in our mythology, to meet his great grandparent and for him to have a happy life there, trying to figure out a way to keep his memory alive? Pixar writers just made it an emotional family story and if you can slightly give the character faces time to digest, you will enjoy the film. Even though it is based on Mexican beliefs, the story seems like one taken from Mahabharata kind of epics. Watch it to believe it.
  • Up

2 Up Movie
Just the opening 5 minutes are enough to make this movie a classic to remember. The life of a human is told very distinguishable manner. Creatively, it is heights of Pixar at play and deserves to be on this list even it ends up being a short film. But the makers followed the great start with even compelling story and unusual buddies – an old man and a kid, gives us a feeling that we are watching Granddad and his second-generation going on a big adventure while Grandpa still needs to learn an important lesson.
  • Toy Story

8 Toy Story 2 Movie
The classic tale of Pixar acquiring a global name for animation movies started with this film. They innovated in imagination, technology and even brought to life toys, to give us many lessons to remember. Many kids post-release wanted to fly “To the Infinity and Beyond” and wanted a cowboy sheriff as their best buddy toy. Reliving the moments of watching it for the first time as our kids do so, will be a different experience altogether.
  • Toy Story 3

4 Toy Story 3 Movie
If the start of the franchise was epic then the third instalment until the 4th came, believed to be the conclusion, gave a great, satisfactory ending to the arc. The movie never preaches yet gives us ample stuff to think about after it ends. Somehow, it finds a way to leave a lump in our throats and that is the beauty of this franchise. Woody Allen and Tom Hanks give the film characters a distinctive touch just with their voice acting. Watch this film without any second thoughts.
  • Wall E

5 Wall.e Movie
When it comes to best animation stories we cannot stress on how good this one is. It gives us a feeling of completeness. Yes, when you are watching a movie if you somehow are sucked into the world created and the characters just connect with you so much that you become them, then such filmmaking makes you feel complete. Wall E has that distinctive touch as a story and film. While it does work on the premise of some of the great sci-fi disaster movies it doesn’t stick to the glory destruction side and gives a positive message.
  • Finding Nemo

6 Finding Nemo Movie
Finding Nemo has put Pixar on such a pedestal that people started to sought after films made by Pixar.  They forgot about their age or busy schedules to watch films from this animation studio. This particular film had such an impact that many critics praised it as a watershed moment for Pixar stamping on world Cinema their existence. Why it got such high praise? You have to watch the movie to know, if you did not do so.
  • Ratatouille

7 Ratatouille Movie
A rat as a chef, the idea seems to quirky and impossible. Maybe it can happen in enchanted forests but not in the real world. But what if it happens? How will you classify it as a believable story? Well, that is the hallmark of Pixar. They take absurd ideas and come up with beautiful humane stories that we never question about the logic but enjoy the magic. This film deserves your umpteenth view.
  • Toy Story 2

8 Toy Story 2 Movie
When the entire franchise has good films, how can one ignore any? May be the 4th one needs time to really grow on us but the original 3 are absolute gems. Second one had few things not going it’s way as much as the first one and third one did but it is still a great film. Even though they are just toys, their story never gives us even a second to move out of their world. It feels like you need such companions all the time to feel safe, guarded.
  • Monsters Inc.

9 Monsters. Inc Movie
Monsters Inc is a crazy buddy movie. It makes a young girl and monster buddies in front of our eyes as if we to say that we as kids couldn’t really be as trusting like that kid to develop a habit of doing the right thing. The imagination, innovation and concentration on delivering a perfect film with every detail checked make this movie a big fan favourite or the biggest deal.  If you‘re worried your children are getting addicted to violent games just sit with them to watch this film and you may be able to tell them few good things about compassion and find them listening to you as well.
  • Inside Out

10 Inside Out Movie
Pixar can top themselves in innovation. If you can make toys talk, get fish to show human emotions, make a futuristic movie about human resurgence than destruction then you can easily take us into a human brain and represent it as a control unit with people in it. The way Inside Out keeps getting better with every other view, we seldom find it happening with other animated films. This film deserves to be on the list of must watches on any day. Why? Just watch the movie to be really blown away by sheer creativity.