15 Best Pixar Movies & Short Films for Toddlers

Pixar started churning out some magical animated movies from mid-’90s when Disney became the market leader. Pixar pushed the envelope so much that even Disney had to wonder about the quality that Pixar is able to deliver. Finally, Disney and Pixar have merged into one entity to tell some beautifully animated stories.
It is hard to choose films for young kids especially, toddlers. You can’t show them the graphic violent films or dark brooding stories. They need colour and imagination to be glued to the screen to allow us to do our works too. Pixar, one of the best animation studios came up with films that Toddlers will enjoy the most.

 Here are 10 Best Pixar movies for toddlers

  • Wall E

1 Wall.e Movie
Any kid wants to watch some slapstick comedy and that doesn’t need to have any logic or story value. But Wall E doesn’t just let them watch some great imagery and clap but it also awakes few emotions in them. The love story and imaginative narration about the future won’t scare them at all. In fact, they would be jumping up with joy to watch the visuals and also involve in the story without fully understanding it. Once, they revisit at a slightly elder age, they won’t just scream for visuals but get the message too.
  • Ratatouille

2 Ratatouille Movie
Pure fun slapstick animation comedy. Toddlers tend to fear nothing and for them, a rat becoming a chef will be a nice fun movie to watch. Again visuals in this movie have such quality and clarity that even elders will find it engaging enough to enjoy it. As all Pixar movies do, this one too has a good message but toddlers need not worry about it. For them, rat becoming a chef storyline is enough to laugh out loud and be glued to the screen.
  • Monsters. Inc

3 Monsters. Inc Movie
There are some films that will have a good impact on young minds. We have many stories that scare them and we, unfortunately, try to tell them at the night to calm them for deep sleep. But what if such stories scare them to death and make them fearful? Hence, such humanitarian twist to a monster story will definitely make them more affectionate than ever. Compassion needs to build from a young age, this kind of films do help.
  • Toy. Story 3

4 Toy Story 3 Movie
Among all of the Toy Story films, the 3rd one has the greatest ever message that young kids should watch. The letting go things is very hard to do so and this film is all about that. With different toys and colourful narration added to the story, this film gives them great entertainment to watch it again and again.  Hopefully, they will learn the positive message too.
  • The Incredibles

5 The Incredibles Movie
Superheroes are the one genre that every young kid loves to follow.  The Incredibles has such a fun storyline that the toddlers will enjoy the visuals and even more like to imitate it. Just be careful about them trying too many stunts but let them try their imagination as these kind of movies, are just for their creative growth.
  • Coco

6 Coco Movie
How can you make a movie with slightly horror imagery more human? Coco is the best one in that category. You may have to give them some heads up to not fear to look at skeletons for first few minutes but once the narrative takes over, they will love it more than anything else, they have watched till then. Such is the emotional depth and comical value that this movie posses that even toddlers can’t help themselves while elders definitely can’t escape shedding a tear.
  • Up

7 Up Movie
We still talk about the flashback narrative of the Up as the best storytelling ever in any movie. It just gives us a complete picture of life. While toddlers might just enjoy it for images, they will definitely be into the adventure trip that follows. The small messages incorporated in the film will give them subconsciously goals in being compassionate and highly friendly as well.
  • Finding Dory

8 Finding Dory Movie
We normally don’t see sequels topping the originals. But Finding Dory does that. It is a better film than Finding Nemo. Also, the story is far more imaginative and has a good message that provides good lessons about values like friendship. It encourages them to always find a way out of problems with all the shortcomings of our own selves. Also, it will subconsciously encourage them to accept themselves as they are and even accept their friends and pick good companions.
  • A Bugs Life

9 A Bugs Life Movie
This is a pure experiment that put Pixar on the map before Toy Story created a sensation. This film will serve as a fun educational piece for toddlers. Interestingly, the film doesn’t have any horror imagery that will scare them at all. Even bugs look so friendly and beautiful that toddlers might grow up not scared about them at all.
  • The Good Dinosaur

10 The Good Dinosaur Movie
Can Dinosaurs look cool? Well, they are scary cool in Jurassic Park and World films. But can they be friendly cool too? Yes, why not. Good Dinosaur is one of the underrated films from Pixar but a great story for toddlers to learn about sharing and compassion.

5 Best Pixar Shorts For Toddlers

Now Pixar doesn’t just make some great movies, they have Oscar-winning shorts too. Here are the 5 best Pixar Shorts for Toddlers
  • Piper

11 Piper Movie
This is a short about a young bird that will easily connect with toddlers as it represents their enthusiasm and interest to learn new things.
  • Bao

12 Bao Movie
What if a dumpling springs to life? What if a young man befriends it? In a simple short story, the narrator just made us feel for even the food items we normally don’t care about much.
  • La Luna

13 La Luna Movie
La Luna is not a simple idea but represents the confusion that young minds go through while doing a job. In just 7 minutes, it delivers a beautiful message.
  • Geri’s Game

14 Geri's Game Movie
This is a fun short about an old man being Black and While Geri of chessboard all by himself. This will be a fun short for toddlers to watch and they might learn a few good things too.
  • Presto

15 Presto Movie
What if a rabbit tries to take revenge on its master who is a magician? Doesn’t the idea seem fun and creative? Watch the short with your kids to know how it all ends.