Aswathama is Naga Shourya’s home production and is out today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: Gana played by Naga Shourya gets the shock of his life when he comes to know that his sister is pregnant. He gets an even bigger shock when she tells him that she does not know how she got pregnant. In such a helpless situation, Gana leaves everything behind and starts investigating the case on his own. Will he be successful or not is the story?

Performances: Naga Shourya is in his elements in this film with his full on action avatar. He makes a solid impact and carries the film on his shoulders. Mehreen looks beautiful but has a limited role.

Bengali actor Jisshu Sen Gupta makes a terrific debut in Telugu and is mesmerizing as the villain. His role is an special attraction to the film as he performed superbly. The actress who did the sister’s role is also good.

Naga Shourya
First half

Dull scenes in second half

Analysis: The story of the film has been written by Shourya bad it is quite impressive. It also has good emotions and the film starts with a brother sister bond which has been shown well. The investigation scenes create an impact right away.

The suspense element has been maintained supremely well and this makes up for a terrific first half. The interval bang and the BGM used during this time is terrific. Villain’s entry, his motto for trapping women, all these scenes are shown well.

The second half starts with a bang as the villain and his thread is beautifully handled. The pace becomes slow at the end but the makers have induced enough suspense thrill that the audience will end up liking this film anyhow by the end. Shourya gets his much needed comeback as the film is rich in thrills and execution.

Rating : 3/5

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