AP government allows 100% occupancy

The Andhra Pradesh government has been notoriously creating problems for the Telugu film industry, with its various decisions, including the online ticket booking system, which has become a major debate in the industry right now. While this matter is being sorted out by the AP government and by the industry, another problem that the industry was facing till today was the AP government’s reluctance to increase the theatre occupancy to 100% from 50%.

The AP government continued its 6 PM curfews until recently, as part of Covid 19 precautions, unlike the Telangana government, and decided only today to increase the occupancy to 100%. The reasons for the AP government’s sudden change in its decision are unknown, but it is being said that this is because of the pressure that the government received from the trade sector.

Whatever the government’s reasons may be, it is surely a great relief for all theatre owners in the state, given that there are multiple releases coming up for Dasara. Also, with the ticket prices being very less, 100% occupancy is sure to give a lot of financial relief for theatre owners and distributors in the state as well.

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