Ante Sundaraniki sees a steep downfall

Natural Star Nani’s much-anticipated film ANte Sundaraniki, was released on June 10th, among huge expectations. The film got good openings and even had a good weekend. However, the collections have taken a steep hit from Monday, with the footfalls having dropped drastically.

In fact, reports have suggested that the footfalls fell way low on Sunday itself, where the theatres weren’t as packed as they should have been, considering that Sunday is a very important day for families. Also, given that Ante Sundaraniki is a movie aimed at entertaining the family audiences, it is interesting to see that the family audiences also didn’t turn up to watch the movie.

Another reason for audiences not turning up to watch the film in theatres is being cited as the constant release of films since February. As a result, audiences are choosing which movie to watch, and which movie they should wait to watch on OTT. On the whole, though, it looks like the film failed to reach up to expectations.

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