Another disappointing Friday for Tollywood

For the past several weeks, despite the kind of buzz or expectations surrounding a film, every film that’s been released in theatres has been doing very badly. Not only is every film turning out to be a critical failure, but is also ending up as a commercial failure.

One of the main reasons for the commercial failure of films is the insane ticket prices, which are being increased for every film, no matter their budget. The same is the case with Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You, directed by Vikram Kumar. The film had a decent buzz surrounding it, and there were hopes that the film would do well at the box office, owing to its subject matter.

However, the film has been getting a less than lukewarm reception from everywhere, and the ticket prices aren’t doing anything to help either. All in all, it’s another disappointing Friday for Tollywood on the whole.

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