Amaram Akhilam Prema Movie Review

Aha OTT platform has decided to buy some yet-to-release Telugu movies that cannot expect decent returns even after theatres re-open. These films might spring up attention of family audiences but not the youth who will be key to success of films when theatres re-open. Their latest offering is Amaram Akhilam Prema. Let’s discuss about the film…

Plot : Akhila (Shivshakthi Sachdev) has to prove herself to her dad (Srikanth Iyengar). He cannot live without her and hopes for her to stay with him forever. He even asks her to not pursue foreign education dreams due to his maddening love. His love for her reaches to a level where it starts him and his daughter also. But suddenly their relationship hits an iceberg. Now, she has to prove her worth to him by becoming IAS officer, at least in her eyes.

Amar (Vijay Ram), a care free boy enters into her life and asks her to marry him. He stalks her, irritates her and takes on every job he can to woo her. But she very diligently tells him that she has her eyes set on a goal and he should look for someone else. But she secretly admires him. How this love story resolves the issues between Father and daughter forms rest of the film.

Performances: Shivshakthi Sachdev delivers one of her powerful performances in her career. She made a name for herself as a serial actress in Hindi and stage actress in Marathi stage scene. She showed her acting prowess in this film as an young girl and she deserves attention of much bigger filmmakers too.

Vijay Ram is a decent performer. He could convince us with his comic timing but his dramatic skills have to improve. He makes a good impression.

Srikanth Iyengar steals the show in every scene he is part off. He seems to be becoming another Rao Ramesh for medium budget and small budget films. The actor nailed dramatic climax portion along with subtle comedy as an innocent yet strict father. All others did their job well.

Technicalities: Rasool Ellore’s visuals are very good for the budget. The cinematographer used his experience in making scenes visually pleasing. Editing by Amar Reddy is not great. He tried to create some illusion of pace with his cuts in an overstretched drama. He could have easily tried to trimmed the length down slightly.

Music by Radhan is not great but passable. Background Score adds an edge to the film. Jonathan Edwards as a writer tried to make the film about a love triangle of sorts between father-his daughter and her lover. He tried to come up with a middle class spin to the known story. His dialogues try to convey the drama better than the visuals. He managed to keep the drama interesting enough for the entire run-time.

Analysis: As a film, Amaram Akhilam Prema can be classified as an old story in a new bottle. We have seen such stories before and a writer like Trivikram Srinivas debuted with this kind of a story as director with Nuvve Nuvve. But this new film tries to tell the story in melodramatic way and performances are its core strength. The film doesn’t come across as a major achievement at the same time it is not a movie to ignore completely either. You can watch the film once for the performances of the actors and technical values.

Bottom line: You can watch it once, easily!

Rating: 3/5