Akshara Movie Review

Nanditha Swetha starrer Akshara has created interest among the film buffs with the promos. Akshara is based on the education mafia which is a very relatable issue in today’s society. The film is directed by debutante Chinni and produced by Ahiteja and Suresh Varma. Let us see if the movie meets the expectations.

Story: Akshara (Nanditha Swetha) joins as a lecturer in a reputed college. After seeing her for a few days, Sri Tej (Sri Tej) who is one of the board of directors of the college proposes to her. In what we call a sudden twist, Akshara kills him. What is the motive behind Akshara joining the college? Is she seeking revenge? For what?

The answers will be found in the theaters.

Performances: Nanditha Swetha is a natural performer. She did what she could for the movie. Her character should be more effective. Nevertheless, she gives a flawless performance. Sritej is okay. Harsha Vardhan is the stand-out performer in the movie. His role comes in the flashback and is extremely effective. It is one of the meaningful characters in the movie. Dialogues associated with this character are nice.

Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Madhu Nandan, Ajay Ghosh tried to evoke few laughs and were succeeded to some extent. Sanjay Swaroop as the antagonist is effective and he performs well.

Technicalities: Suresh Bobbili’s music for Akshara is decent. Though the songs could have been better, he impressed with the background music. Naresh Banel cinematography work is good. The production values are decent and the first-time producers did a decent job.

Chinni who is also a writer for the movie has touched a burning issue. The education mafia is troubling everyone. However, the writer has succeeded in him but it is the director who faltered. Chinni failed to tell the story effectively.

Analysis: Akshara is a good point that was faltered with routine treatment. The movie starts on a decent note but very slowly goes into the routine mode. Though the interval twist is predictable, it is nice. It is the second half that is the major drawback of the film. The graceful point here is the flashback episodes. Harsha Vardhan saved the flashback, though it is a routine fare. The climax could have been better too. Overall, Akshara is a strict one-time affair that is hindered with routine treatment.

Bottom Line: Akshara – routine letters

Rating: 2/5

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