AK to Bheemla: The transformation of Rana’s Daniel

Pawan Kalyan and Rana Daggubati will be seen together on the big screen, in the remake of the Malayalam film Ayyappanum Koshium. Obviously, considering the difference in nativity, a lot of changes will have been made in the screenplay of the film, but one of the most major changes has seemingly been revealed in Daniel Shekar’s blitz, which was released yesterday.

The background score provided for the teaser, by Thaman, is one of the highlights of the blitz, while Rana remains to be the major highlight. From the teaser, it is pretty evident that Rana will be seen in negative shades, which is not essentially straying away from the original. However, it looks like Rana might be made the villain, instead of an anti-hero, like in the original.

Considering that Tollywood is more oriented towards commercial cinema, and the fanbase that Pawan Kalyan has in the Telugu states, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some major changes in the screenplay, which has been written by director Trivikram Srinivas, who also penned the dialogues for the film, while Saagar Chandra is the director.

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