Actor Siddharth takes a dig at FAKE box office figures

Siddharth is one actor who never hesitate to express his views on any social, political or film related issue. Earlier, he even had a heated up arguments with a few overenthusiastic ruling BJP leaders on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, this morning Siddharth took to Twitter and raised his voice against the fake box office figures being projected by the filmmakers across all Indian film languages.”How much is the going commission or rate these days for fudging collection reports of films? Producers have been lying about BO figures for ages… Now the “trade” and “media” have started their “official” figures… All languages, all industries…same. Pan India dishonesty🤦🏾”, tweeted Siddharth.

Though Siddharth has not mentioned any hero, film or production house name, in the replies we can see a few moviegoers targetting hero Allu Arjun and his lasting outing, Pushpa as they opinion that the makers and hero’s PR team have been projected fake figures as ‘Official’ box office collections.

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