Aakashavaani Movie Review And Rating!

Ace director SS Rajamouli’s former assistant Ashwin Gangaraju is making his directorial debut with a film titled, Aakashavaani. The film skipped its theatrical release and opted for a direct OTT streaming on SonyLIV. Let’s check how it is.

Story: Set in a remote forest area, the film revolves around the lifestyle of tribals who have no connection with the outside world. A person named Dora( Vinay Varma) control the tribals and uses them for his personal works. This is the time, a kid from the tribal community finds a radio. Later, a schoolmaster( Samuthirakani) enters the forest area. Will the schoolmaster’s entry bring any change in the troubled lives of tribals? To know that, you have to watch the film on the digital platform.

Performances: All the artists, who played the key roles as the tribal community members are good in their respective roles. Their makeup and character design was done perfectly to suit the core concept.

Actor Vinay Varma is decent in his role as Dora and gave a convincing performance in their negative shaded role. Samuthirakani as a schoolmaster is apt in his given purposeful role. His acting during the crucial proceedings in the latter half is an added advantage for the film.

Technicalities: Music by Kala Bhairava is definitely a backbone for the film as his background score elevates the theme of the film nicely.

Cinematography work is top-notch as the natural locations in the tribal area are captured in an impressive manner. Editing work is adequate but would have been better during the proceedings in the first half to make things more appealing.

Production values for this low budget film are alright.

Analysis: Ashwin Gangaraju did a decent job as the director as his taking is good. Being the first film, Ashwin Gangaraju tried to explore something new and he should be appreciated for it.

The core concept, the backdrop, the set-up created looks refreshing. The innocence in the tribals has been showcased nicely with the good presentation but the main minus for the film is its pace.

The entire proceedings in the first half are narrated at a slow pace which indeed irritates the viewers during the first forty minutes. Later, the film picks up the gear and the key social issue presented is good.

Overall, Aakashavaani is a tribal drama that has a good social message and provides a visual feast for the viewers. On the flip side, the lack of noted faces and dull proceedings in the first half stand tall as the demerits.

Verdict: Sensible tribal drama!

Rating: 2.5/5

Review By Prudhvi Teja

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