A1 Express Movie Review

Sundeep Kishan who has been looking for a solid hit has done the film A1 Express which is said to be the Telugu Cinema’s first hockey-based movie. Sundeep Kishan has oozed a lot of confidence in the project. Lavanya Tripathi has played the female lead role. Sundeep Kishan has changed his physique a lot for this movie. Let us have a look at whether Sundeep Kishan’s efforts have been useful or not.

Story: A1 Express is set up in Yanam. It opens as a normal love story where Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan) falls in love with Lavanya (Lavanya Tripathi), a hockey player at the first sight. Much to the joy of Lavanya, she finds out that Sundeep is also a hockey player. However, things turn wayward when Sports Minister (Rao Ramesh) decides to sell the hockey ground to a corporate company to set up a pharma cell.

Sundeep decides to fight against the odds with the help of his friends. What happens next is the crux of the story.

Performances: Definitely, Sundeep Kishan is the major plus point of the movie. He has played the lead role with a lot of conviction. His physical transformation is good to watch. He is good in action sequences as well as emotional scenes. Lavanya Tripathi has got a role of substance and she did a decent job.

Rao Ramesh is another added asset for the movie. His villainous acts worked very well. Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna are OK. Others are fine.

Technicalities: Camera Work turns out to be the major asset of the movie. Background music by Hip Hop Tamizha is rock solid. The work of his towards the interval and climax sequences is very good. The songs could have been better though. The climax hockey match was shot very well. Editing is fine.

Director Dennis Jeevan has done a decent job. Though it is his first movie, the director has extracted emotions very well. Has he taken more care in the first half and tied the loose ends in the script, A1 Express could have been a memorable film. Nevertheless, the film promises good fun and emotions.

Analysis: A1 Express is a decent watch. However, the movie takes so much time to go into the major issue which might turn out to be a negative point. As said earlier, there are some loose ends that played spoilsport. Though the promos showcase a hockey backdrop, the story majorly revolves around the drama behind the sport. However, A1 Express is a refreshing movie from Sundeep Kishan.

Rating: 3/5

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