A sea of problems for Tollywood’s big films

The Telugu film industry is one of the biggest and largest film industries in the world, making hundreds, if not thousands of films every year. As a result, the industry was affected on a massive scale due to the coronavirus pandemic and has only just started to recover from the crisis that the pandemic has given rise to.

While the industry is beginning to recover from its problems, a new set of problems has risen for the industry, with the Andhra Pradesh government announcing that all film tickets should be booked online and that the ticket prices would be fixed by the government itself. Moreover, the AP government has also said that no permission would be given for any benefit shows, not even for big films.

As a result, there would be no way for big films to make money like before, and considering that the cost of everything has increased, and the problems that are caused due to online piracy, entertainment tax, increase in the daily wages of cine workers, direct OTT releases, half occupancy at the theatres, and several other entertainment programs in different channels, it is going to be a huge task for Tollywood’s big films to be in the safe here on.

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