Yuddham Sharanam

When a cat is locked in the room and given no choice but to fight back it will react like a Tiger. This is a vague translation of a popular saying in Telugu and such under dog movies have become a norm in our Telugu Cinema has they help make upcoming actors to become stars if the movie clicks. But if it fails, then they might end up damaging the reputation too. Let’s see what Yuddham Sharanam is for Naga Chaitanya and his team.

Plot : An youngster who aspires to make state of art drones, Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) ends up in a battle of wits unintentionally with a big time crook, Nayak (Srikanth Meka). He tries to save his family and his lady love Anjali (Lavanya Tripathi) from his clutches. Can he achieve that? What happened actually that turned his life upside down in an instance? Watch the movie to know more about them..

Performances : Naga Chaitanya is in good form as an actor. But he needs to improve on his expressions even more. All said and done, he has improved as an actor so tremendously that he is excuberating confidence even in the presence of seasoned actors and that is commendable. Lavanya Tripathi is just wasted in this movie in an inconsequential role. Revathi and Rao Ramesh are a delight to watch but they are given too routine stuff to make an impact.

Srikanth Meka, looks different and as he is a seasoned actor he can pull this character in his sleep. Well, even though he tried to be wide awake, the script doesn’t help me much to leave a lasting impression. All other actors are used well in their characters but they needed some meat in the script to rise above the routine.

Technicalities : Basics of Cinematography, say one thing and one thing only. Try to make your story and shots as pleasing as possible and also try not to do too much but catch the essence of the story and scene through the camera as it is the eye of the viewer. Niketh even though looks like he understands that got lost in his ambition to shoot one cool shot after another that doesn’t really make a good sequence.

Even the editor, Kripakaran did not help the film much in adding the pep. Trying to use too many shots to make the action look cool, he spoils the emotion behind it. David and Abburi Ravi try to do magic with the screenplay in a very routine story. But they forgot to keep the whole script generic enough to let the proceedings have a natural flow rather than a forced feel. You don’t have to tell audience to feel the emotion at gun point but they should feel it.

Vivek Sagar, the music composer too does try to induce emotions but the score needs to follow the proceedings but it cannot be independent of it. Also, getting inspired is fine but sounding too similar to parent or original track is not cool at all. Hope he understands that. Krishna Marimuthu seems to have a good sense of shot making and division but he lacks a flow in his story telling. The screenplay just cannot try to force feed emotions but it needs to have something fresh to offer at every nook and corner to grab the attention of an audience member.

Analysis : Any filmmaker dreams about an opportunity like what the young team had here and hopes to make a major impact if at all he happens to get it. Young Krishna may be due to his friendship or his talent gets a great opportunity but drives the drone into the drain in the second half and then fails to salvage it in the climax even though he wakes up. On the whole we have to say this is an opportunity missed for the young team.

Bottom Line : On the whole, the young Yuddham Sharanam team does come up with a cool looking film, but they should have worked on the script even better.

Rating : 2.5/5

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