Ye Mantram Vesave

An old movie that is good can re-release and make money. But can a movie that is made with short film sensibilities 4 to 5 years ago, be watchable this late? It may have a popular star but does that need people’s attention. Maybe a producer or an exhibitor who views films as a business might but is that desirable?

This movie, Ye Mantram Vesave, came into reckoning all of a sudden in last two weeks. Almost like an exhibitor thought this movie with a star hero, can make him or her instant Money after a strike and a huge lull period. It may not show the affect on actor’s career but it can show an effect on other people who are associated with it as they might have progressed further in their lives. So, is such practice of finding some disposable film from the cans at such juncture is an encouragable business model?

Plot : Nikhil Anand (Vijay Devarakonda) is a net-savvy young person. He has no desires to achieve anything meaningful not even friendships or love. He is more mechanical than the regular 9 to 5 job holders. He believes life is just a game that he can win on his fingertips by staying online 24 hours from his room.

He is brought out like a fish from the water by Rags (Shivani Singh). She creates a game for him to meet her and that stretches into a huge gamble of conceit and schemes. How? What happens to Rags in this game? Can Nikhil see the real meaning of life? Watch it on screen..

Performances : Vijay Devarakonda proved his talent beyond doubt but if this film had come in 2013-14, he could not have had such opportunities like Pelli Choopulu and Arjun Reddy, to become a star, that he is today. He did not endorse the film and in a way, that shows his self-awareness.

Shivani Singh looks good but she did not perform or show potential in the film. Like the Gladiator lady, she used swings and walked on the lush mountain fields (we do know that in the original they were lush wheat and paddy fields), staring blank at an interesting visual that only she could see.

All others did not have anything to do worthy of a mention in the film.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Siva Reddy is a lesson to young aspirants on how they should not be in a rush to associate with any film. If they do, they should know what can they do in the given budget and they shouldn’t try much more than that if they can’t innovate in a right way.

Music by Abbadh Samath is a complete mash-up of many Hollywood big and popular music composers tunes. They make no sense and we don’t even bother to make sense.

Writer-Director Sridhar Marri definitely had some lofty ideas. He needed a good scriptwriter who can consume them and expand them in a believable and a team of experts and enthusiastic young brigade, mix. Also, he needed a good producer who can give him budget too.

Analysis : This kind of films which mostly appear to be made by a short filmmaker with limited knowledge and know-how, may need to explore the new platforms like Digital release and home video than theatrical release as they don’t fit the bill.

Rating  : 1/5