yatra opens well and gets positive WOM

Yatra, the biographical movie of famous political leader, Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy who served as Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh twice and died in a plane crash just after 4 months he started his second term, in the office, opened well on Friday, 8th February.
Movie became a discussing point as it is getting ready for release and buzz showed that movie will open good. While it did not shatter any records, it collected Rs. 2.25 crores share on the first day. 
Movie gained positive Word of Mouth from audiences and the fans of YSR are expected to watch the movie, again and again. Presence of Malayalam Megastar Mammotty helped the movie. 
Mahi V Raghav did a decent job and even though movie just concentrated on positives of YSR’s Padayatra, performance of Mammotty is able to attract audience more. We have to wait and see, how the movie will perform henceforth.