My weakness became my strength

Anupama Parameswaran debuted in her teens three years ago, in Malayalam Cult Classic, Premam. She became so famous with the film that she got major opportunities from Telugu and Tamil. The actress became popular in Telugu with big hits like A..Aa and Premam. She is now one of the young stars in Telugu Cinema among the actresses.

She talked about her weakness and said, “I cannot sit idle in sets. I always make myself busy by going behind the camera and on the monitor. I used to run around the set and see everything to know what is happening and how it is happening. The movie business fascinates me and sets are the best place for me to learn.”

She continued, ” I thought that is my weakness but it ended up being my strength as it became my strength now. This is the best possible way to learn about the work that fascinates me. Today, I feel blessed for being able to so intrusive from early days.”