Wait for a surprise in December : Regina

Regina Cassandra has been trying to make a decent comeback after the debacles of his recent movies. The actress had to face some depression and she talked about it. The actress said, “I was completely depressed during my down phase in 2015 and I thought why did I get into this industry as I was not getting any good offers. Soon, I recovered and realised this is life and started taking things in a positive way.”

She continued, “My mom and dad worried about me before I started working but knowing me they never thought I would be doing anything that is wrong to survive in this Industry. Even when I was getting cranky due to lack of good offers, my Mom pushed me to learn some other thing that helps in my profession and concentrate on positive things around. As they say, God decides what we should get and what time. Nobody can escape the destiny. “

As she appeared to have turned a little philosophical, the actress said, “My belief in God is always there and that somehow soothes me see things straight. I used to worry a lot about many things, but today I am more relaxed. I am getting good offers too. In my next films, you will see me doing different roles and even in Balakrishnudu, director designed a good character for me. A first look will be released of other movie in December and I am sure you will be surprised to see my look.” Nara Rohit and Ramya Krishnan starrer Balakrishnudu will release on 24th of this month. Pawan Mallela is the director.