There is a definite change with #MeToo – Varu Sarathkumar

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, popularly known as Varu talked about the #MeToo movement and it’s impact on Kollywood.

She said, “I know many who are in fear of MeToo and are silent. They don’t want their name to be revealed and are silently hoping that it will go away soon.

There is a major change in Kollywood as the fear of METoo made many change their ways and there are many who are not acting any of their urges.

This is a welcome change. May be previous generation heroines did not face this much off harassment but few stories are heartbreaking. I will not believe heroines who say nobody tried to make any cheap comments or behaved improperly with them.

It is a welcome change for many heroines and casting couch, harassments should end by our generation.”

She also talked about her rumoured nuptials with Vishal. She said, “I am not in any relationship and Vishal is by closest friend. We know each other from childhood and that might have given rise to many speculations. I am a friend to him and as a well wisher I always ask him to marry someone soon,” revealed Varu Sarath.