Sridevi biopic on cards?

Mahanati, the movie based on the life of a legendary actress, Savitri proved that if it is well-made, the even the tragic end of an actress can make a great story to watch on screen. Also, many youngsters show interest in knowing the details about legends who entertained them over decades. After Savitri, if any actress saw ultimate highs and lows in her career, is Sridevi. Luckily, she was able to find a loving family, but publicly she did have fall-outs even in her personal life.

So, knowing what drove her and how she became the famous legend that she died as, will create major interest. And many news reported suggested that Boney Kapoor, her husband and film producer in Hindi is looking to make a film on her. Many started discussing if that will be a good idea and now, Mahanati proved that it could be. But who will make it? What will they show, that people do not know? Who will play the role of Sridevi? These questions have become important too.

A new report suggested that Boney Kapoor wants to make a documentary on Sridevi and her journey. He wants to honor her memory but not discuss the details of their personal life. Discussing few things about his life should cause, some distress in his family life now. Also, present Sridevi in a bad light, as they have to show his relationship with his first wife and how his affair with Sridevi blossomed even though he is married. Anyways, the biopic on Sridevi that too a full-blown film, is not a possibility at this point, it seems.