Small Steps for a larger victory on Piracy!

Piracy has become a part and parcel of Film Industry with common audience thinking about various difficulties like expenditure on one family outing to watch a movie, distances to travel and unfavorable show timings at unhygienic theatres. But the producers and every person involved in making a movie are badly affected by this. The production costs are increasing in order to produce the film at international standards and with different release strategies, the run at the theatres is also diminishing eating up the profits. Many measures have been brought into crub the practice, but still there is long way to go. But the problem that became a nightmare for many film workers and producers is slowly starting to vanish as different people are coming in stronger minute steps to ensure that the nightmare ends sooner.

Rajkumar Akella, is one such person who should be credited for making consistent, valiant and considerable efforts towards improving the fate of Filmmakers from being liable to piracy to winning over it. He understood how bad is the problem and started sensitising various film personalities over strong copyright policy. He modeled a copyright division to look after the intellectual theft, Telangana Intellectual property Crime Unit, after famous UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. For his efforts he has been awarded Motion Picture Association and Asia Pacific Copywriter Educator award. He is currently serving as co chairperson of FICCI’s Intellectual Property Rights Outreach Commitee.

He expressed his satisfaction over the strict laws being induced and appreciated the efforts of team in effectively stopping the online piracy over the movies like Premam and Dhruva. He said that there is still a long way to go and producers have to train their employees, technicians regarding copyright laws showing recent Bahubali incident as an example. He appreciated Telangana government for being most attentive and active regarding the issue and safeguarding the interests of Filmmakers. Well, small steps can only lead for a lasting solution.

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