Naga Chaitanya has been trying to find a good action oriented box office hit from the start of his career. He failed in several attempts but this time he came up with the director who managed re-invent Chaitanya with Premam. Are Chandoo Mondeti and Naga Chaitanya with Madhavan able to repeat the magic? Let’s discuss…

Plot : Vikram Aditya (Naga Chaitanya) has vanishing twin syndrome. He has neurons of his twin brother completely covered in one side of his body and that makes him strange with others. People who know him take it casually but who doesn’t know him feel weird.

Vikram doesn’t like this but accepts his condition as his mother wants her both sons to be alive in some form. He encounters a deadly intelligent criminal Arun Raj (Madhavan) and has to work hard to escape from his clutches. What did he do? How did he escape his web? Watch the movie at a theater near you to find out…

Performances : Naga Chaitanya is turning into a bankable performer. His ease in dances, body language in scenes, expressions have improved. But he needs to select better scripts and in every alternative script, he doesn’t have to lose his family and run around the town. In few scenes, he just looked and acted like Nagarjuna.

Niddhi Agerwal is beautiful. No, don’t ask us about her acting skills, she is beautiful. Madhavan seemed to be in his own film and a better character design is required for him to have a major impact. He tried his best but his sincerity did not find an equally important character.

Vennela Kishore is good. Bhoomika Chawla, Devyani, Praveen, Satya, and Rao Ramesh are good.

Technicalities : Yuvaraj’s visuals are not up to his reputation. They just look rich but don’t have any depth whatsoever. He needed to come up with even better concepts to help the film.

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao seems to be too busy and completed his work in a hurry. We don’t see any smoothness in scene transitions.

MM Keeravani decided to give music that doesn’t have any repeat value whatsoever. One feels like that as he can do a much better job than what he did. His BGM is adequate.

Chandoo Mondeti as a writer seems to be in great confusion this time. He did not understand if he should make a full-blown commercial formula movie or a movie that has a concept as its USP. He tried to give a mix of both the worlds but that misfired mostly. He couldn’t really use the situations well enough to imbibe the commercial elements that don’t seem forced or unnecessary.

As a director, Chandoo tried to give more importance to Chaitanya than any other character. Even his most important character Arun Raj is left hanging without a proper route map either climb the high or fall flat. He just turned out to be more excited by his idea than really using it well in his story.

Analysis : In a movie that has star hero, good producers, incredible cast a director needs to have clarity on what he wants to deliver. Does he want a commercial film? Or does he want to deliver a story driven film? He is too confused to either deliver a good commercial potboiler or a content-oriented film, throughout the runtime. He tried a basic 90’s template screenplay with one or two good fight sequences and nothing much.

Madhavan is criminally underused and many sequences involving him with other characters seem to have been rushed. Naga Chaitanya seems to have put in more effort into the film but he needs to find an action story that doesn’t require him to run around the town to find his missing family members. This is just too routine with a new character trait.

Rating : 2/5

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