Sai Pallavi in a period movie?

For today’s generation, 90’s are also a period as it is 20 years in the past. For some of the adults today, they could be nostalgic times. As time flows by and never stops, the once period setting of 60’s and 70’s have given way to 80’s and 90’s today. This could be strange for a generation but the new generation is emerging so quickly that even 2000’s could become a period soon.

Anyways, Sai Pallavi in her next movie with Venu Mudugula, will be acting as a 90’s young girl who falls in love with another 90’s young boy. The catch here is that both are from conservative families and the direction the film as close to reality as he can, like his first film, Needi Naadi Okate Kadha.

After completing her work for NGK, Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Sai Pallavi will start working on this movie, it seems. The actress is known for selecting only those scripts that give her ample space to perform as an actor. We have to wait and see, how this one will shape up.