Saakshyam to release in July!

Sakshyam is a high budget movie starring Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and Pooja Hegde. Both the actors are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. Bellamkonda Srinivas needs the movie to be a big hit to take him into the mass audience completely. He did try to do that with VV Vinayak’s Alludu Seenu and Boyapati Srinu’s Jaya Janaki Nayaka.

They just helped him make a name as a big budget hero but they did not turn out to be hits like everyone thought they would be. Keeping with the tradition of being part of huge budget movies, he is again part of a big budget movie, Sakshyam directed by Sriwass who made Lakshyam. This movie is said to be a huge action entertainer with new age VFX work and also an unique concept.

The movie is important for Pooja Hegde as it will keep her winning streak going. Duvvada Jagannadam gave her first success and Jigel Rani song in Rangsthalam is her most famous number till date. We have to wait and see, if Sakshyam will add as a hit on her resume. The movie produced by Abhishek Nama has been postponed from May to June and now, from June to 20th July. As the VFX work needs a lot of time, the team has decided to release for that date, it seems.