Rana almost confirmed to appear in Venky Mama?

Rumours and gossips in TFI circles are highly common and few sources state them as the utmost truth and ask us to believe them without any opposition. Now, the new rumour is about Venky Mama.

As F2 become an unimaginable success for Sankranthi season, many eyes are concentrating on Venkatesh and his next movies. They want to talk about them, know about them and even better give them as much publicity as they can.

The rumour says that Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya are extremely happy with the script and more than Suresh Babu, the producer is more confident about the project, now.

Hence, he even accepted to the idea of giving Rana an extended cameo in the film, so that, it will realise the dream of late. Legendary Producer, Ramanaidu, it seems. We don’t know how much truth is there behind this rumour but many are spreading it as the truth!