Raju Gadu

When you have a disorder you normally tend to stay away from public life to an eternal isloatin or you would try to mingle by not letting yourself expose it out in open. From few films, we have been seeing a pattern where one of the leads have a disorder and when they expose it out in open, they get rejected and they have to fight hard to win others trust back. When you have disorder that has no cure, then what will you do?

Plot : Raju (Raj Tharun) is by birth a Kleptomaniac. He cannot control himself from stealing a thing and he becomes such an expert at it that he doesn’t even know how and when he did steal. You can say that stealing is his reflexive action when he gets any person or is in any crowded place or even in his own shop.

Knowing this his love rejects him. Dejected Raju gives up hope on finding a partner and once, he meets Thanvi (Amyra Dastur) he decides to not let go off her and she falls deeply in love with him. He and his family, manage to not let Thanvi’s family know about his disorder. What happened when they got to know? How did Raju won their trust? Watch the movie for answers…

Performances : Raj Tharun tried to look like a person who is continuously bogged down and troubled in this movie. But that did not work one bit for him. He had nothing much to offer, even though the movie revolves around him. Another bad story choice from him.

Rajendra Prasad, is the life of this movie. He delivered his lines cleverly for most part of it. He made the movie at least bearable. Amyra Dastur needs a better script and also a role that suits her the most.

All others including, Krishna Bhagavan, Sithara, Subbaraju, Rao Ramesh, Nagineedu have purpose less characters and very silly lines to utter as well.

Technicalities : B. Rajasekhar, the man behind the camera seems to have no real clue on who is the head of the project. The tone changes very consistently and abruptly from scene and scene. Even style of taking changes from first half to second half.

MR Verma as an editor failed to even give a consistent cut to the proceedings. We see a very different tone from scene to scene and however badly executed or shot scene it might be, that is cut and assembled even poorly.

Gopi Sundar did his worst for this movie. Seems like he too gave up on the film and scored highly forgettable film.

Sanjana Reddy seems to be completely lost in the film. She doesn’t really try to put up a decent film. She depends on lame jokes and highly lethargic story telling that makes her come across as lazy and immature. She needs to take some classes in how to make a movie for sure as she wasted a golden opportunity by making a movie that seems like a plan to get something out in her name as a director than a real passionate film.

Analysis : This movie leaves us with a question, is movie making a joke? This just seems like a jumbled up mess than a well-executed movie. You can expect the jokes from a mile, understand that it had undergone many script changes and even the way the movie is shot, it makes you cringe that talents of the people involved are wasted like this. Not a film that will inspire you to watch even if you buy a ticket in a theatre.

Rating : 2/5

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