Rajamouli suggestions helped me lots – Krish Jagarlamudi

Krish Jagarlamudi became a director to look out for with each film of his right from his first film, Gamyam and his character, Gaali Seenu became the epitome of guy who is stuck with bad influences in life but highly good at heart. After that he took giant strides by making another multi starrer yet again this time even more subject oriented in artistic way. The movie Vedam, became a take off point for Allu Arjun, the actor. Even Anushka, Manchu Manoj proved their talent with different roles. Krish had a speed breaker of sorts with Krishnam vande Jagadgurum and took a break from filmmaking to direct Akshay in Hindi. Then, he surprised everyone with a movie like Kanche with new actors. Movie won the National acclaim and he yet again surprised everyone with his decision to direct a movie like Gautamiputra Satakarni with Balakrishna as his 100th film.

The move was a very gutsy one and the director interacted with Media to answer about the movie, the making and everything about. Few interesting things from the interaction are that Krish once decided to make the movie had a talk with SS Rajamouli, who advised him about looking after the time period he set for release and plan accordingly. The two important suggestions were to not depend on graphics mostly and minimise the work on them as much as possible. The second one was that after watching the trailer, Rajamouli suggested him to get the sound right as that can make or break the film. The director took both the suggestions and worked hard on them it seems.  Krish also said that he had a great belief on the subject and wanted to make it from young age. But he seriously set to write only after Kanche and it was his Mom, who implanted the idea of Satakarni during his growing years by taking him to Amaravati. Even he got intrigued as the villages and towns had very unique names from usual. He took to research and his friend Karnan helped him a lot in finding the story it seems. He said he had no ideas to take it on National stage like Bahubali as he looked at the movie as a Telugu King’s story.He also said

He also said movie has scenes that Telugu people would easily connect to than others. When asked about the time period he said he only took from the available history articulated and made a story out of what he felt interesting in the time period of 78 – 110 CE. That was the rein of Gautamiputra Satakarni. When asked further about the research he did for the two women characters, he said there was lot written about his wife Vashishtha Devi but not much about Gautami Bala Sri. He praised Balakrishna for putting in lot of efforts in the stunts even though they had stunt performers. He exclaimed it to be the raw footage of what Balayya did that we see on the screen. Well, he concluded saying it will be a semi biopic movie about the first Telugu Emperor of India.

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