Pooja Hegde is not shy to dance

Pooja Hegde revealed that she is normally a very shy person. But when it comes to dancing she doesn’t shy at all it seems. The actress said, “I like to be calm and quiet most of the times as I am a bit shy to approach anyone and talk at length. I would love to talk with people I know but with new ones, I struggle to start a conversation.”

She continued, “But when it comes to dancing, I am not shy at all. I have no qualms to dance as long as I can too. Even today, if I am at home or at any place where I am not working, if I listen to music, I love to dance, till my body is out of energy. I like to actively change my steps according to the music and I have friends who share similar passion for dance. When we meet, we just rock the floor.”

When asked about her favourite dancer in Tollywood, she said, ” Till now, I worked in very less films but watched many. Out of them, I liked Allu Arjun and Jr. NTR. They are very speed in dancing and we have to put all our energy into it, to perform with them. I worked with Bunny and working with Jr. NTR. I like their different approaches and I am striving hard to match them.”.