Every Morning you see few youngsters sitting on a wall or at a busstop doing nothing and commenting others who are passing by them. Well sometimes we do wonder if they really do anything? Do they even think about life beyond sitting on the wall? They appear to be quite sincere and carefree, right? Are they? Right inspiration and circumstances can make you popular and responsible any day!

PLOT : Four friends Banner Nagaraju (Srihan), Degree Gnaneshwar (Jabardasth Ramu), Build up Venu(K.S.Raju), Leader of the gang, Tippu (Vishwa) form a gang who spend their time doing nothing and sitting on a small wall fencing (pittagoda). Well you know how their lives are normally and a girl Divya (Punarnavi) enters into the scenario and Tippu ignores friends. Due to continuous pressure the friends gang decides to host a cricket tournament and have their photos published in local newspaper. But due to Divya things change! What turn do they take and how far do they go? Watch it on screen …

Performances : Vishwadev tries to make an effort in carrying the movie on his shoulders but the script doesn’t help him at all. From a debutant actor you cannot expect much more than what he showcased but he could have put in some more heart in the emotional scenes. Punarnavi has been in many movies and here she is effortless on screen. But her make up keeps confusing a viewer with at times being artsy and others being filmsy. Dark circles are a sign of worried stressed person or someone who doesn’t believe in make up.

Here she has dark circles in few scenes and complete make up in others that too when she has to be stressed up. Other friends and another small friends group that maintains a close friendship and who are pitta goda aspirants, have acted like they are giving out auditions for a short film. The team tried out some of the talent from various tv shows for parents roles and they all look like they are trying to act out impressively and use the opportunity. May be thats why they look highly amateur and in the need for some more training.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Udhaii looks ok for the budget of the film but when you see Uyyala Jampala and Pelli Choopulu, you tend to believe that even in low budget quality is desirable. Here it looks like a cross between a tv movie and a youtube short film lacking consistency in shot composition. Editing by Aryan Mouli and Krishna is highly clumsy and may be some good takes of actors were hid in somewhere there as nothing worked on screen. Music and Back ground score by Pranam Kamalakar sounded old and wounded many scenes with unnecessary over dramatic instrumentation.

Story by G. Ram Mohan is highly clichéd and follows the basic template of Manchu Pallaki and Rendu jella seetha. In these kind of once upon a time novelistic stories you need a screenplay that keeps you engaged at the proceedings. But here none of that happens. The director and team had they watched films like Chennai 28, Saroja, Uriyadi and many more tamil films for inspiration may be they would have had idea about how grounded the scenes and acting needed to be.

The director Anudeep KV who also wrote screenplay and dialogues just misses the train at the station in the opening and from then on he is just trying to catch up with the script demand and then ends rushing up to the far away station in a clumsy manner. The climax twists that were needed to showcase these youngsters in a positive light just end up being filmy tricks and caricaturing the entire point. You need a flow and focus in one direction to reach your ultimate goal but here the story tries hard to be a youthful entertainer and then true to present situations. But if a father mistreats a son like in the film, one wonders how much of turmoil does the main character build up in himself and waits patiently if it ever gets addressed.

Analysis : Well the movie is one try at impressing audience mainly youth without any double meaning dialogues. Even though such kind of effort is laudable in present trend, the age old scenes and uninspiring characters with submissive traits just make for a script that bores. And as a film the execution is even disappointing with youtube short film level maturity. On the whole home video, satellite or official online release, viewing is much preferable space for this movie than a theatre.

Rating : 1/5