Pawan Kalyan creates satellite records for any Telugu Film!

These days, Telugu Film Market has grown beyond limits and actors are surely making the most out of this. Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are the two most famous and crazy stars these days and their films have started creating records for pre-release business already. While Mahesh film made a 110 crore deal on pre-business, Pawan Kalyan’s movie with Trivikram is also going the same way and the figures might end up to be even higher than projected by media.

Apparently, the craze for the actor’s movies in Hindi market have also increased and the producers have decided to dub his movie and release in Hindi as well. Many Telugu movies have proved to be highly profitable satellite wise for Hindi channels, as they gain more TVRs on weekend re-runs than the Hindi films. Meri Jung, dubbed version of Mass by Akkineni Nagarjuna and his Don No.1, still maintain to score maximum TVRs and Pawan movie, Sardaar Gabbar Singh also made good performance.

Looking at all these factors, a famous Hindi channel offered 11 crores for his movie and in Telugu, Gemini acquired the rights of the movie for 21 crores. A total of 32 crores for satellite rights is never heard off and the makers are happy with this. As the movie is directed by Trivikram Srinivas and his movies over the years have proved to be great hits on Television too, the channel has come forward with such a huge offer. Baahubali, the highest till PSPK25, has cracked a deal for 30 crores for both the parts. Hence, Pawan Kalyan’s movie created the record. Pawan attended the Uddanam seminar today at Vizag and he will soon join the last leg of shoot from second week of August.

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