Pawan Kalyan apologises to Santhosh!

Pawan Kalyan clearly stated that he is no longer interested in movies and wants to completely concentrate on politics and politics only. But an young director who is waiting for 6 months with script ready had to have his heart-broken. The director is none other than, Santhosh Srinivas. After his film, Hyper, he took time off to write the script that suits Pawan Kalyan.

With the script, he approached Mythri Movie Makers and they asked him to make Theri remake with Pawan Kalyan. Taking just idea, he wrote a complete new script for this movie. He wanted to narrate it to Pawan Kalyan from past six months but the actor did not give him time. Producers offered PK, a huge amount of 40 crores remuneration for 40 days of work. Still, Pawan said, “NO” to the film.

He sent message to Santhosh, wishing him all the best for the film and asked him to give his best for Ravi Teja. He also asked him to forgive him for making him wait all that time. The director is a bit disappointed but resolved to wait for the time when Pawan Kalyan decides to act again. Even if it is after ten years, he will always have a script ready for Pawan Kalyan. Now, the same script he prepared for PK.