Operation 2019

Small and medium budget films have to come up with a great concept or a good screenplay that offers something fresh. Operation Duryodhana did the same few years ago. Can Operation 2019 repeat it?

Plot: An NRI Uma Shankar (Srikanth) gets arrested and he decides to enter politics. He makes sure that he gets the opposition party ticket even though the ruling party can win it easily. Opposition party gives it to him, even though a family is mighty stronger there.

Uma Shankar with money and with a huge amount of cynicism uses the corrupt system and corrupt voters to win by making unrealistic promises. He spends money so much that after winning for recovery he starts using the same money to keep the government in his hand. Why is he arrested? What did he achieve from doing all this? Watch the movie to know more …

Performances: Srikanth is looking good and has the fitness to become a good villain or a character actor. All he needs is a good script to jump into the zone. His screen presence is still very good and as an actor, he is still driven to give 100%. But as a hero, it seems like he is pushing his luck too much.

Deeksha Panth is clueless and a complete misfit. All others including Jeeva, Nagineedu, Posani Krishna Murali, Kota Srinivasa Rao are criminally underutilized.

Technicalities: SB Uddhav needs to come out of thinking that a cut is all about assembling what the director wants. Even while doing that he is failing to edit a movie well.

Venkat Prasad did not come up with any splendid work and for the budget, he is given, maybe he can, I could only this. But he too lacked imagination like the director.

Rop Rock Shakeel seems to be very grateful to those inspirations from other music directors so much that he made the BGM even louder and used their tracks in his own style. Songs are forgettable.

Karanam Babji, wrote a very amateurish script without minimal research. He threw words and ideals on the screen rather than converting everything into pleasing visual. He is just too over the top and sensibly senseless that the movie made no sense after a point.

Political satire requires a premise that is not too outlandish and a believable tone. Posani Krishna Murali has the fire to pull off such weird thoughts and apeing him is the just lazy thought process.

Analysis: Dabbuku Lokham Dosoham film that came 1973 and Pedda Manushulu that came in 1954 discussed the same point with the similar screenplay. But they tried to build on characters, give message loud and clear by inducing true emotions. Here, the makers wanted to share something with public and tried to say that you are killing your own freedom by electing wrong people.

But the effectiveness of Operation Duryodhana that tweaked early films screenplays, is highly missing here. The makers seem to be honestly thinking about selling the movie somehow rather than really trying to tell that Posani did during Operation Duryodhana. A very clueless film with good ideology also ends up being clueless.

Rating: 1/5 (for the point)

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